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Kids Affirmation Cards As Gaeilge


A set of 8 handmade cards from Rosemount Mill, each with an affirmation in Irish so you can practice your gaeilge while also practicing self-care.

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Being kind to ourselves is so important, now more than ever. We’re all just muddling through as best we can and no matter what happened today, you did your best and you made it through. So pat yourself on the back and repeat after me:

Tá mé cróga – I am brave
Tá mé álainn – I am beautiful
Tá mé sláintiúil – I am healthy
Tá mé cliste – I am clever
Tá mé ar mo shuaimhneas  – I am relaxed
Tá mé cineálta – I am kind
Tá mé láidir – I am strong
Tá mé réidh – I am ready
Printed on sturdy (but also pretty) 300 GSM card.